Diddy Wants To Take You To Euphoria

March 27, 2008 By:
Diddy Wants To Take You To Euphoria

P. Diddy is moving from Hip Hop to House. The rapper will be making his way to Miami’s 2008 Winter Music Conference where he is set to be the host at Miami hot spot Club Cameo.

Diddy said he hasn’t been happy the last two years with the WMC and will make his big return this Friday March 28, 2008. He will go head to head with the Martinez Brothers, Claude Vonstroke and Steve Angello.

Diddy is so excited about his hosting duties that he made a 2 minute video where he goes on ranting and raving on how his “Diddy style” bash is going to be off the hook.

"The reason I chose to go head to head with these DJs [was because] they're some of the most innovative DJs in electrotech. You know what I'm saying," Diddy explained. "Now my flavor is electrotech that still has an underlying hip-hop feel. So the concept of this event is going to be a tour-de-force mash-up like you've never seen before."

Diddy also goes on to explain that the Winter Music Conference is for those out there who live on the moon. Note: Diddy has a special message for all the "Motherfu***ers" who will be attending his party. "It's only for motherfu***ers that want to go to another place, have their mind just blown away, have the music take them to a place of euphoria." We're pretty sure he was on something called Euphoria while making the video.

If you are in town and want to see Diddy in action make sure to purchase your tickets HERE. In the meantime, entertain yourself by watching his latest video.