P.Diddy is Launching His Own TV Channel

January 24, 2012 By:
P.Diddy is Launching His Own TV Channel

Ugggh, P. Diddy stop being good at business and “launching” things. I can’t keep up, I JUST started drinking Ciroc and now you want me to watch your new music-themed cable channel?

Also, what is your name nowadays? Is it Diddy Dirty Money or are you just Sean Combs again? It’s okay, I’ll refer to you as Diddy for purposes of writing this article, but I’ll keep calling you Puff Daddy… in my dreams…

Anyways, Diddy is going to launch a music-themed TV channel, much like MTV, FUSE, or Vh1, but he’s calling his channel Revolt and plans to launch it at the end of this year on 12/12/12. Why the twelve’s, you ask? I have no idea. Maybe it’s how many kids he actually has?

Diddy is no stranger to television, having once been a rapper himself (lol, remember that?) and cranked out award-winning music videos in the 90’s. He later appeared as creator on several seasons of MTV’s reality series Making The Band in the early 2000’s.

Diddy has actually pulled some former MTV employees to work on his new project and says that his new channel will be like a more “urban” version of what MTV was in the early 90’s.

So expect lots and lots of “Spring Break” specials, those people formerly known as “VJ’s” and maybe the resurgence in SuChin Pak and Carson Daly’s careers.