Fall Out Boy Banned in Florida

April 17, 2009 By:
Fall Out Boy Banned in Florida

Whether you love Fall Out Boy or hate, you’d probably never call them “dangerous.” But that’s the reason they’ve been reportedly banned from Boca Raton, Florida.

The band was booked to play at the Center for the Arts Mizner Park Amphitheater as part of the Believers Never Die Tour, but have since been banned! Other groups in the lineup including Cobra Starship and Metro Station were not affected.

A statement from the city reads: "There have been known disturbances associated with one of the bands, 'Fall Out Boy.' We anticipate that the concert will generate security challenges."

Pete Wentz Twittered about the situation, telling his fans, "Attention those going 2 Boca Raton show. The city has currently banned the Believers Never Die tour from coming. Working on a new venue."

He added, "We will make it there come hell or high water (no info on why we have been banned). There will be a show somehow."

Boca Raton is a big retirement community in Florida. Maybe Pete’s guy liner scares the old folk!