Pete Wentz to Make Children's Album

March 3, 2009 By:
Pete Wentz to Make Children's Album

Fatherhood has really changed Pete Wentz! He's not only a dotting father, he's planning on releasing a children's album in honor of his four-month-old son Bronx Mowgli.

He explains, "To get our son to sleep we play him Bob Dylan's You Belong To Me. Or a little Sinatra. My boy's probably the last person in the world to appreciate my singing voice.

He adds, "Although I wrote a lullaby especially for him - you'll find it on our new album if you look hard enough - it's a hidden track. We had so much fun doing it I'm going to put out an album of songs for children."

Sounds like a cute idea, but he might have a hard time convincing mothers to buy it for their children. Maybe if he got his wife Ashlee Simpson to do some cameos, he'd have a better shot. What do you think?