Idol to Stop Pia Toscano From Releasing Album?

April 11, 2011 By:
Idol to Stop Pia Toscano From Releasing Album?

Getting the boot from American Idol was the best and worst thing that's ever happened to Pia Toscano.

There were rumors over the weekend that Pia had signed a record deal, but it looks like nothing has been finalized yet. In fact, there's a chance Idol may stop her from signing a solo contract.

“When you compete on Idol, you must sign one of the strictest contracts in the business,” a source told the PopEater website.

“Not only does Idol own you for the entire show and live tour that follows, it also controls everything you can do professionally for a long period after that."

Good news is that the strict contract usually applies to the winner, but bad news is, they still have a brand to protect, and Pia may be SOL after all.

“This is about protecting the brand, not about protecting Pia. She can record as many songs as she wants, but ‘Idol’ will refuse to allow them to be released for now until the show is over.”

Lets hope she can secure a record deal before the buzz surrounding her voice goes away. She's at minute 3 of 15, but with the right people behind her, she has the potential to be around for years.