Pink Served with $36,000 Suit

January 2, 2013 By:
Pink Served with $36,000 Suit


The very last thing you want to be greeted with in the new year is a conversation about finances. Pink knows this scenario all too well—she’s ringing in 2013 with a case that wants to delete her checking account in the thousands. It’s like the rich and expensive version of screaming “Happy New Year!” then realizing your rent’s due today.

Specialists Entertainment is the name of the company that filed documents in New York City last month against Pink. They allege she inked a deal with them to produce her debut album over a decade ago, way, way back in 1999, because apparently the title of that album Can’t Take Me Home also applied to their payout in royalties.

Apparently, Specialists Entertainment, along with Thunderstone Productions, claim they both agreed to split royalties 50/50 except they say those royalties haven’t been arriving at their doorsteps: all $36,213.31 of them to be exact.

Pink just can’t keep the credit she deserves. She practically does the musical version of an Iron Man marathon every time she hits the stage, yet our eternally ripped pop star still has to brace herself against some financial punches in the process.

Luckily her purse has abs that rival her stomach. A rep for the singer says it’s no sweat off her back. “Sony are responsible for paying the producers” is the official statement on the matter.