Pink's Music Video For Please Don't Leave Me

January 23, 2009 By:
Pink's Music Video For Please Don't Leave Me

Pink’s new video for Please Don’t Leave Me just came out today. Is this is cry to her ex, Carey Hart? They have been spending a lot of time together lately!

The song is very self-reflective, and shows her husband leaving her. Pink sings about being so mean “when she wants to be” and not remembering how many times she’s forced her man to leave the house. This is definitely sounding a little art-imitates-life-ish!

From there is gets a little freaky, with Pink even taking a golf club to her husband’s leg, just so he can’t go anywhere. That’s taking psycho to the next level!

Despite the creepy theme, the song is great! Let’s just hope Pink and Carey Hart’s reunion ends better!