Pitbull and Shakira's "Get It Started" Music Video

August 2, 2012 By:

“Get It Started,” the David Rousseau directed video for Pitbull’s newest single was released this morning, and… it’s beautifully shot. Aherm.

Shakira is immaculate in a gold gown that looks like could be Thierry Mugler from the good part of the 80s or Balmain. She’s far removed from Pit Bull, who spends the video taking spy photos and making out with an international drug runner’s girl, two things which are pretty ill-advised.

Pitbull sounds like he always sounds and does what he always does: sneers, wears sun-glasses, shakes his arms around like a stiff, seizing jellyfish. He also shouts Tom Cruise’s name for no apparent reason, which must mean it’s some sort of code.

I prefer not to know. He then retreats to a giant stage, where thousands of gyrating ladies protect him from the shifty, armed men.

Shakira and Pitbull have collaborated before, most notably on a track called “Rabiosa,” where Pitbull’s verses sound exceptionally similar to those of “Get It Started,” just as they sound exceptionally similar to “Gasolina”/to “The Anthem”/to “Feel Alive”.

He’s found a formula and he’s stickin’ with it, kids. Expect to keep getting blasted with it, whether you be at a bar or a Sweet 16.