Pitbull Performs on Conan for Summer Concert Series

August 2, 2011 By:
Pitbull Performs on Conan for Summer Concert Series

Pitbull is on fire right now. It’s almost impossible to listen to the radio or watch TV without him popping up. I’m definitely not complaining about it.

Pitbull hit up Conan last night to perform a concert series doubleheader. He performed “Hey Baby (Drop it to the Floor)” and “Give Me Everything” for the summer concert series.

Aside from dominating the charts and airwaves, Pitbull is making headlines for calling his pal Enrique Iglesias one big party pooper.

"He's definitely someone that attracts very, very beautiful women, he's a very good looking guy," Pitbull told Take 40. "But he's more chilled out, he doesn't really hang out and party like that."

He says he’s always the one getting the party started. "My crew and his crew, now that we're on tour together are the wild ones... I'm kinda like the ring leader and we definitely have a lot of fun."

Check out Pitbull on Conan below…