Prince Has "Pumped Up Kicks" Singer Booted from Concert

October 26, 2012 By:
Prince Has

As a huge Prince fan, I’ll admit I did sense a weird, magical, 5’2” electricity in the air last night.

That’s because, unbeknownst to me and many, the ever-elusive and secretive singer was ever-elusively and secretively singing at a private show at Sayers Club in Hollywood last night! Previously the closest I could ever get to Prince himself was by standing an inch away from his CDs at Amoeba Records, but I’ll take being within a two mile radius of him any night. My life is complete now.

Except that same satisfaction was a close call for Foster the People’s lead singer Mark Foster last night. Prince’s security showed him the door when they saw the soft glow of his iPhone. He insisted he was just checking a text from a friend, but Prince doesn’t mess around with his private gigs.

He doesn’t even let uninvited users of the internet, a.k.a. the entire world, post his music videos on YouTube (go ahead, try to google some), let alone the singer of that one song you only know the chorus to kinda.

At the door, Mark tried to work his way back in with some phrases we’ve all used before (celebrities they’re just like us) that went something like, “The bar still has my credit card…with a TON of money on it…because I’m a singer too…I’ll sing for you…just like Prince…who invited me…I was just checking the time on my see how much time was left of this once-in-a-lifetime experience…that I value so much I can’t follow Prince’s rules!”

Anyway, everything worked out in the end. Security made him check in his phone and Mark was let back in.