Psy and Usher Get "Gangnam Style" at the Club

September 20, 2012 By:

Psy should really consider opening a gym. Move over Zumba, sweat off the pounds with “Gangnam Style.”

The South Korean pop star and internet sensation has been teaching his energetic horse-inspired dance moves to some famous names lately—most notably Britney Spears and Ellen DeGeneres on the comedienne’s daytime talk show.

But he didn’t want to stop with Brit Brit and Ellen.

“My manager, his name is Scooter Braun. He is a really good friend of Usher so when I was in L.A. Usher called Scooter Braun and we talked on the phone,” Psy said to MTV, “I asked Usher, ‘Hey Usher if we met sometime I want to teach you how to dance’ and he says ‘What? Me! Me? Usher’ and he was laughing all over ‘All right, teach me sometime.’”

Psy was in New York City this past weekend where he eventually got his wish. Following his special appearance on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, the K-pop star met up with Usher where they all partied it up “Gangnam Style” at a club called Circle. Scooter Braun is better known for being Justin Bieber’s manager.

Also in attendance that night, according to the Post, were famous Hollywood names like Leonardo DiCaprio, Gerard Butler, Paris Hilton, and Stacy Keibler.
This isn’t a one-time engagement for the apparently two new BFFs. Psy and Usher will both be appearing at the iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas this weekend.

You can relive their night out here!