The Internet Cat Video Film Festival

January 24, 2014 By:
The Internet Cat Video Film Festival

Yes, this exists. The Internet Cat Video Film Festival is currently on a world tour, showcasing 80 crowd-sourced cat videos from the deepest and darkest depths of the Internet. The festival tour brings together an assortment of all sorts of nerdy misanthropes who don't usually leave their house. We expect lots of sneezing, plaid and talk about crocheting. 

Special guests at the Los Angeles event will include appearances by both Grumpy Cat and Keyboard Cat. In the world of Internet cat videos either would be considered a coup, but having both together on one stage is going to be a pivotal moment for the cultural movement. Meow that's more like it!

Organizers have yet to comment on the alleged beef between Grumpy Cat and Keyboard Cat. 

Learn more on the FB event page.