Perfect Timing For Queens of the Stone Age’s “…Like Clockwork”

June 5, 2013 By:

After eight years, a frontman’s unexpected life and death battle, and plenty of fan anticipation, Queens of the Stone Age have reunited and released their sixth studio album, …Like Clockwork.

The LP is making a big splash in the press, the majority of whose reaction has been encouraging of Josh Homme’s decision to return to the recording studio after the lengthy absence. Critics welcomed the album with open arms, applauding it as a badass, yet reserved product of a true rock legend who knows what he's doing.

“Plenty of bands handicap themselves by trying to be the Heaviest Group on the Planet. Homme's genius is that he long ago realized that the lane was wide open to be the Sexiest Heavy Group on the Planet, and he's achieved this goal without looking corny.” — Spin

… Like Clockwork has a moment that makes you want to drive to Joshua Tree, pound some beers and start fires in the shape of pentagrams.” – Los Angeles Review

“By QOTSA's unconventional standards, a six-year layoff between albums doesn’t even feel like an unusually long hiatus, but more like the natural amount of time it takes for a new incarnation of this ever-shifting band to settle into place.” — Pitchfork

“Josh has earned the right to do what the hell he wants. Thankfully, that’s gathering his world-beating buddies in his Pink Duck studio in LA and laying down an unrelenting juggernaut.” — NME

Rounding up all the numbers, …Like Clockwork earned a solid 7.7 on the Stereotude scale. The album is currently streaming on Spotify and is available where all music is sold.

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