Radiohead Drum Tech Killed in Stage Collapse Accident

June 18, 2012 By:
Radiohead Drum Tech Killed in Stage Collapse Accident

A Radiohead crewmember was killed on Saturday in Toronto, when stage scaffolding collapsed hours before a show.

Various crew where on stage as the giant metal structure seemed to buckle and then fall onto the stage, causing what a witnessed likened to fireworks. Those near or on the stage were forced to scatter.

Tragically Scott Johnson, a drum technician was pinned down and killed. According to authorities he was pronounced dead at the scene.

There were several other injuries reported. Another crewmember suffered a serious head injury and was taken to the hospital, but it doesn’t appear to be life-threatening. Two others who suffered minor injuries were treated and immediately released.

Radiohead posted the following statement on their website, “We have all been shattered by the loss of Scott Johnson, our friend and colleague. He was a lovely man, always positive, supportive and funny; a highly skilled and valued member of our great road crew. We will miss him very much. Our thoughts and love are with Scott's family and all those close to him.”

Johnson was said to have been a very talented drummer who had worked as a tech with many bands on many tours. Some of his former employers have been tweeting their condolences in regards to the loss.

The incident happened about an hour before the public was to be let inside. And the sold out show was immediately canceled due to what was referred to at the time as “unforeseen circumstances.”

There is still no word as to what caused the accident to occur, but authorities seemed to have ruled out weather as a possible contributing factor.

Radiohead is currently on tour with their King of Limbs album.