The Scoop On RDB's Latest Album

February 18, 2008 By:
The Scoop On RDB's Latest Album

Latin band RBD is gracing the cover of Latin magazine “Para ToDos” and Christopher from the band gets candid. Check out some blurbs from the interview.

About not having songs in english on the new album:

"We are a mexican group, and we obviously need to make music for our mexican audience. Our english album went well, and we hope that this same year we will have a chance to record another album in english. Were still in the "maybe" stages." Christopher of RBD

What he likes most of being a part of RBD:

"It has opened a lot of doors. I love all the moments, being on stage is something a love. I love to act and sing. I travel around the world which is very exciting." Christopher of RBD

His favorite song

""Sálvame" really impacted my life, Anahí sang it. And for me that song, is one of the best songs in the history of the group." Christopher of RBD

Will he take on Hollywood if he had the chance

"Of course, definitely. Its my passion, and it was my dream since I was younger. If I have the opportunity I will take it" Christopher of RBD