Report: Glee Creator Ryan Murphy Making Cast Members Miserable

December 9, 2011 By:
Report: Glee Creator Ryan Murphy Making Cast Members Miserable

Maybe that explains why their ratings have been dropping, aside from the fact that Glee is becoming nothing more than a singing version of a highschool video yearbook, the cast says that show creator Ryan Murphy is causing everyone to hate him.

Apparently Murphy is miserable on set, makes them work 16 hours days, and is an all around ruthless diva, if such a thing exists, and I know it does because I once saw a Mariah Carey impersonator that was super mean.

Sources have told Us Weekly that “things are really bad on set. The cast talks about how much they love Ryan, but they have grown to hate him.”

Mutiny! Mutiny!

Actually that’s not far from the truth. Apparently, the show’s star Lea Michele is planning an uprising, “The cast has been speaking about banding together against him, and Lea is leading the charge.”

And by banding together, of course they mean planning a five part harmony of Twisted Sister’s hit rock anthem, “We’re Not Going To Take It,” because the Glee cast will surely not “take it anymore.”

Harry Shum Jr. who plays Mike Chang says that “the 16-hour days are a bit rough.”

The source behind the Glee gossip says that Ryan Murphy “has bad mood swings and can be really mean.”

However, planning an uprising against Ryan Murphy is a no-go. Before the cast embarked on their multi-city summer tour where they did live versions of their classic Glee hits, Lea Michele tried to back-out of the tour to work on her movie career.

When Michele told Murphy that she didn’t want to go on tour, a source says “[Murphy] asked her which of her friends she wanted him to fire.”

Murphy implied that if Michele didn’t go on tour that he would fire Amber Riley, “because she’s one of Lea’s closet friends.”

I knew that Murphy ran a tight ship on Glee, including giving them only 4 hours to rehearse for the multi-city summer tour, but who knew he was so ruthless.

Murphy also decided that he wanted to make Dianna Agron’s character even more unlikable this season, because he can? I guess.

Also, the Glee kids don’t get any money from the iTunes sales of their songs and were denied raises for the current season. I mean, the cast of Glee only make like $45,000 per episodes which is pennies compared to the $100,000 per episode that the cast of the Jersey Shore made per episode during Season 4 of what I consider to be the most expensive commercial for red Solo cups ever.