Ricky Martin: "Women Try to Get Me Into Bed"

August 11, 2011 By:
Ricky Martin:

Ricky Martin wants women to stop hitting on him.

Martin, who recently came out of the closet, says women still throw themselves at him, even though they know he’s gay. C’mon ladies, look at those tank tops he’s wearing, and that perfectly manicured facial hair, no straight man looks like that.

“I have a boyfriend and two sons, yet women still try to get me into bed,” Martin tells Closer Magazine.

His boyfriend is stockbroker Carlos Gonzalez Abelia, who lives in Puerto Rico, “He lives in Puerto Rico, but comes over to Miami most weekends. He works for himself, so we're lucky he can do that – we never spend more than 10 days away from each other.”

I wonder if Abelia is okay with these women throwing themselves at his boyfriend?

“They [the women] say very beautiful, very erotic things to me about what they want to do with me, which is nice, but I'm not interested." Says Martin.

Of course he’s not interested, he has a hot stockbroker Puerto Rican boyfriend instead of some fangirl throwing panties onstage. Martin says his relationship with Abelia is going strong.

“The most important thing for me is my babies and they love him. It's been really unexpected but it's flowing along very beautifully."

Martin, who is 39, didn’t come out of the closet until last year and had a 14 year romance with TV Host Rebecca De Alba, says growing up it was very difficult knowing he was gay, “You go to school and [the] first thing they ask you when you come back home is, ‘Do you already have a girlfriend?’ Automatically, society tells you that’s what you are supposed to feel. You’re not supposed to feel this and if you feel this, there’s something really bad going on,” Martin reveals to VH1.

Ricky Martin has a huge gay following, which prompted many to question his sexual orientation over the years and Martin was afraid that coming out would ruin his fame, “All those girls, they loved him, if you had said he was gay, forget it. The culture wasn’t ready, nobody was ready,” says Jordan Levin of the Miami Herald.

It turned out to be the opposite. He came out and women still love him. I guess it just proves that women want what they can’t have. Did you feel differently about Ricky after he came out?