12 Reasons Riff Raff's Life is Kinda Like 'Breaking Bad'

October 9, 2013 By:

Riff Raff may be the strangest rapper we've ever heard of. He's also the strangest rapper we've ever heard of who also loves "Breaking Bad," as evidenced by this Vine:

Throughout his recent Rolling Stone interview, we couldn't help but notice that the cornrowed champion has a lot in common with the hit AMC series. Here are 12 of those things with lines taken directly from the article to help you along.

1. Car wash lines.


He took the Panamera to a car wash a couple hours ago, but the line was long and he got fed up with waiting.

2. Police. 

Much of his anxiety stems, no doubt, from his arrest three days earlier in North Carolina...


...where police searched the vehicle he was riding in after a concert and charged him with possession of a Schedule 1 narcotic, misdemeanor possession of marijuana and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.


3. Parties. 

...It's clear that he's genuinely angry about what he sees as pure theft, and that he genuinely desires legal recourse. Korine's and Franco's disavowals seem to sting most: 


If you devoted your entire life to the creation of an all-consuming, sui generis identity, how would you feel watching one of the planet's biggest movie stars crib from it, then deny doing so?

4. Cities and their people.

"I hate Los Angeles," he says, scowling as he crunches his cereal.


"I hate traffic. I hate people. I can't do the shit I have to do because it's so many fucking people in the way."


5. Apartment living. 

"This place is shit," Riff Raff says.


"It's too small. My neighbors complain that I'm too loud, then they ask me for pictures in the hallway. I gotta move."

6. Admirers.

He's tired of people stopping him for autographs at the gas station.



7. Talking about the past.

"Why are we talking about this past shit?" Riff Raff says.


"You’re asking all these questions about old, negative shit I climbed out of, making me even more stressed. You ain’t gonna know about me by talking about the past. Haters care about that."

8. Isolation.

He describes his stint in Minnesota as "a cold time." He didn't mesh with people there: "I distanced myself from everybody."


9. Formal wear.


He attended the wedding of his younger sister, Claire, wearing cornrows, a teal polo shirt and a black baseball cap, amid a sea of gowns and tuxes. 

10. Coming to terms with his real age.

Earlier this year he Instagrammed a photo captioned, "RiFF RAFF 2005 AGE 19"—


Even though he was 23 that year...


11. Reality.

The reality show, which had promised broader exposure, made Riff Raff's exuberant eccentricity seem like even more of a novelty. Today he refuses to speak about the show, calling it "weak" with venom in his voice.


12. Pretty much all social interaction. 


"You suckas is confused. Stop asking me all the damn questions less we doing a cover shoot."