Rihanna Releasing a $250 Deluxe Edition of Her Next Album

October 31, 2012 By:
Rihanna Releasing a $250 Deluxe Edition of Her Next Album

Rihanna lives #THATLIFE and she wants to give everyone a slice of it by selling her next album for the NBD price tag of 250 dollars and An Official Display of The Highest She’s Ever Been cents.

In the run up to her seventh studio record, the pop singer is putting out an exclusive limited edition of Unapologetic on December 11. And what can you fit into the “Diamonds Executive Platinum Box” set exactly for that price? An iPod, plane tickets to Tahiti, a ride on a rare pink dolphin, eye contact with an Olsen Twin, and 100% Egyptian cotton toilet paper are just a few of the things this box set can’t fit. No, $250 will get you none of that.

What it can include though is a deluxe version of the album with a 28-page photo book, a 20 minute DVD, a handwritten letter from the singer, a 40-page notebook filled with her notes, a remix of the lead single “Diamonds” on vinyl, an obligatory t-shirt, seven art-print lithographs, a 2GB flash drive of more confusion, a fan mosaic poster, some laptop stickers, a custom ViewMaster with never before seen 3D photos of Rihanna that track her style transformation, and other things that were lying around the break room of the Rihanna Marketing Team Headquarters.

If you can’t pay that much for Rihanna’s goodies, than there’s a $79 edition of the deluxe edition that includes a limited array of all the above and a conflict-free diamond bracelet.

If you can’t pay that much for the watered down edition of the deluxe edition then there’s still the regular old edition for the 99% at the peasantry price of $15 just two weeks away on November 16.