First Look at Rihanna and Drake in "Take Care" Video

March 12, 2012 By:
First Look at Rihanna and Drake in

Remember when Rihanna and Drake were dating? Wasn’t that awesome? Rihanna had bounced back from the whole Chris Brown fiasco and stumbled into the handsome arms of Drake and everything was great, but as quickly as it started it fizzled out and now Rihanna is clawing her way back to Chris Brown. Uggh, save her Drake!

Anyways, for all of you who wish that Drake and Rihanna were still “a thing,” you can momentarily relieve the magic in their new music for “Take Care.”

So far, all we’ve got are these few cinematic close-up shots of the duo in these black-and-white images.

The video is directed by Yoann Lemoine and is shot all in black-and-white. Fans can expect artsy close up shots of Drake and Rihanna, obviously, but also images of a bird, bull, and fish moving in tandem with the cool track.

Even though this is a rap song, don’t rule out any back-up dancers. A group of male performers act out tribal dance scenes.

In related Rihanna news, she apparently just now found out about “Jersey Shore” star Snooki was pregnant.

When asked about Snooki’s baby bump, Rihanna told, “That’s dope. We need more Snookis in the world.”

Uhhh, we don't, but okay, Rihanna, why not.

Drake is also up to some stuff lately. He just sold his two Miami condos for $2.5 million. Here is some trivia about his recently sold condo. It provided the video set for the DJ Khaled track, “I’m On One,” which featured Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne.

However, Drake left his old pad for greener pasture. He reportedly purchased a $9 million mansion in Hidden Hills, California that has a horse barn, tennis court, volleyball court, and movie theater.