Measuring Rihanna’s Success (By Volume)

May 17, 2013 By:

Rihanna’s success is massive. You’d be hard-pressed to argue otherwise. But is it possible to assign a physical mass to it? Like, say, if were asked to find the Bajan hitmaker’s success by volume in a math problem…

Based on her 100 million record sales and her 29.670 million Twitter followers, find the volume of Rihanna’s success in cubic feet, assuming that the average human height is 5.5 feet. and the standard CD case dimensions are 5.6 x 5 inches.

First we picture RiRi’s success as a physical thing: a three-dimensional rectangular prism, the volume of which is calculated by the equation V = B x h. Or, in this case, B (area of the albums sold) x h (height of her Twitter followers).

From the question above, we know that the dimensions of a standard album are 5.6 x 5 inches, which becomes .4667 x .4167 feet. (We can rule out the thickness of a CD case, because, relatively speaking, it is insignificant to the overall volume.) Therefore, the area of the base is .1945 square feet.

We multiple that by how many total albums Rihanna has sold (100 million) and get 19.45 million square feet.

Next we find the height of Rihanna’s following. Specifically, her Twitter following, which is 29.670 million people. The average height of a human being given is 5.5 feet. 5.5. feet multiplied by 29.670 million is 163,185,000 feet.

It now becomes a simple game of plugging in numbers and solving. V = B x h = (19.45 million square feet) x (163.185 million feet) = 3.1739 x 10^15 cubic feet. In other words: 3,130,500,000,000,000 cubic feet… In case you’re wondering, that’s freakin’ huge!