New Details About Chris Brown and Rihanna's Collaboration

February 17, 2012 By:

Rihanna’s song “Birthday Cake” is getting remixed and a special guest artist is being added to the mix…and that person is none other than Chris Brown.

What is going on with these two? Chris Brown beats the crap beat out of Rihanna, she gets a restraining order against Brown, flash forward a few years later and the two are sending vaguely flirty tweets to one another and Brown is seen attending Rihanna’s 24th Birthday party?

Ugg, celebrities make so much sense always.

So anyways, these two had been stirring up controversy lately when they were spotted coming and going from the same studio. And whether you are part of #RihannaNavy or #TeamBreezy this is either incredibly good or incredibly bad news, but RiRi and Breezy are teaming up to work on a song together whether you like it or not!

A source says, “Clearly Rihanna and Chris have been getting closer and working together for a little while now. You don’t record a song, shoot a video and decide to show up together at a party over night…What about Rihanna’s mentors who have made it very clear that they aren’t letting Chris live that 2009 assault down?”

All I’m saying is…Jay-Z is probably NOT a fan of this collaboration at all. Jay-Z basically discovered Rihanna and during Chris Brown’s VMA performance, Jay-Z was just standing there. He literally gave Chris one clap, like one single clap.

So anyways, Rihanna just tweeted this cryptic tweet and just a hunch but it’s probably about this whole Chris Brown “fiasco.”

“They can say whatever, Ima do whatever…No pain is forever. YUP! YOU KNOW THIS” says Rihanna.