Nip Slips: Who Did It Best?

June 5, 2014 By:
Nip Slips: Who Did It Best?
Image By: Scott Gries

At the 1999 MTV VMAs, Lil' Kim wore an extremely revealing purple jumpsuit with her left breast exposed. The naked breast was adorned with a purple shell pastie, and became one of the most talked about moments in VMA history. Now, 15 years later, pasties are things of the past. It's all about baring it allaccidental or knowingly. Take a look at some of the most iconic nips in music history:




Queen Bey posted this nip pic on her web site earlier this week. The nipples are clearly poking out of her top and are the main focus of the photo. Super sleek, super classy...well, as classy as a nip pic can get.



Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Rihanna pretty much broke the Internet this week with her racy outfit at the CFDA Awards. Her Swarovski crystal-embellished see-through dress left nothing to the imagination. 


Lady Gaga


Move over, Rihanna. Lady Gaga did it first. Although she hasn't exposed full-nip, she has worn plenty of see-through outfits in public (e.g. Lollapalooza, where she pretty much crowd surfed naked; also, the CFDA after-party where she danced in a sheer body suit).


Miley Cyrus

Terry Richardson

Miley bared nip in her risqué photo shoot with notorious creep Terry Richardson. Was this Uncle Terry's idea, or Miley's? *Shudder*


Rita Ora

Terry Richardson

Ew, another Terry Richardson nip pic. We know Rita Ora hates clothes, but c'mon, flashing nipple in front of Terry? 


Amy Winehouse


Amy suffered a major wardrobe malfunction walking down the streets of London. She unintentionally showed off her newly implanted breasts for paparazzi to capture on camera.


Nicki Minaj


Nicki may be the queen of nip slips. She has slipped nips performing on "Good Morning America," "106 & Park," and several music videos.


Lily Allen


The British singer has a third nipple, and she is proud of it. Lily has revealed her third nip in interviews and TV shows. It's just another reason why she is awesome.