Rihanna Calls on David Guetta for New Track

August 23, 2010 By:
Rihanna Calls on David Guetta for New Track

Rihanna is ready to put a little dance music into her next album. She’s reportedly called on David Guetta to record a new track.

He has become the person to work with these days, putting out hits for artists like Fergie, Kelly Rowland, and Akon.

Now Rihanna has approached him to work on a special track for her upcoming album. David spoke to press at the Virgin Media V Festival in Staffordshire, UK, saying, "I am talking to Rihanna about doing a song, but nothing is confirmed."

He added he plans to develop a new sound for his next album to be released under his own name, adding: "Right now I'm planning to come back with a new sound for my next album, which will come out in summer next year."

This is sure to be a great collaboration! We’re ready to hear a big dance song from Rihanna again, and if she’s going to make one, Guetta is the guy to do it with!