Rihanna Cancels 3 Upcoming Concerts

December 10, 2007 By:
Rihanna Cancels 3 Upcoming Concerts

Canceling concerts has become a trend in the music industry. Rihanna has left fans disappointed as she canceled three upcoming gigs on her European tour.

To no surprise the canceling of the gigs was "doctors orders."

A statement issued by Birmingham's NEC insists Rihanna "appreciates the love and support of all her fans and wants nothing more than to see and connect with them".

All you fans that bought tickets for her concerts in Nottingham on Saturday (08Dec07), Birmingham on Monday (10Dec07) and Bournemouth on Tuesday (11Dec07) are left with no Rihanna.

One question I have is why do they schedule so many concerts if they are just gonna get tired and start canceling them left and right. I'm sure it's the suits over at the record label that push them but these artists just need to push back.