Rihanna Cancels Another Show in Sweden

November 3, 2011 By:

Somehow Rihanna has been partying like a rockstar for years now and has just now come down with the flu. Us normal people open a door at a movie theater and get a virus, whereas Rihanna parties out-of-control and is literally never NOT on tour, and finally gets sick. Celebrities, they’re not like us.

Sadly, RiRi had to cancel another show in Sweden last night, as she’s still sick with the flu.

She was supposed to perform in the country’s capital city of Stockholm, but after doctors orders she had to cancel the performance an hour before the show.

Live Nation released this statement, “Unfortunately, we need to report that the concert with Rihanna tonight at the Ericsson Glove has been cancelled due to illness.”

“Rihanna is exhausted and sick. Unfortunately we have once again been forced to make a difficult decision at the last minute.”

There is no word yet on when the concert will be rescheduled or if fans will be refunded.

Though knowing Rihanna she’ll probably tweet about it, probably something like “Wuddup twittah! Y’all fans are the best fans in da world! My bad about cancelling those shows but I’m back y’all! U noe I wnt dissapoint! WE FOUND LOVE! #LOUD”

Last night, Rihanna was seen leaving the hospital and heading towards her hotel wrapped in a big grey wool coat and looking somber.

This is the second show she’s had to cancel this week. On Monday she was supposed to perform in Malmo, but cancelled last minute when she was hospitalized and put on an IV drip. She even tweeted a picture of the tube in her arm to prove that she was actually super sick. The caption read, “Sorry, Malmo!”

She later released a statement to apologize, “I am sorry to everyone who was coming out to my show in Malmo, Sweden. I was so excited to perform for you all. It would have been a great time…so much better than being sick with the flu, ugh! I’m really disappointed I couldn’t be there.”

Rihanna is currently on the European leg of her worldwide Loud Tour, which seems like it’s been lasting forever, but actually just began in the US this summer. The tour includes openers like J.Cole, B.o.B, Cee Lo Green and Calvin Harris. The tour is supposed to last until the end of the year.

However, she may be sick but she has a lot to celebrate. The singer recently hit another career high when her “We Found Love” single became her 11th #1 billboard hit. The record puts her one ahead of artists like Stevie Wonder and Janet Jackson.