Rihanna Collaborating with Chris Brown Again on New Album

November 6, 2012 By:
Rihanna Collaborating with Chris Brown Again on New Album

Rihanna doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her professional life, and her most likely romantic, reconciliation with ex-boyfriend/abuser Chris Brown.

If it wasn’t already enough of a passive aggressive memo cc:ed to the entire world, her next album is called Unapologetic. On it, the two have a song together called “Nobodies Business” revealed this morning through a handwritten tracklisting posted to her Instagram account of 2.8 million followers making it everybody’s business. Everybody knows that when you play with a former flame, you could get burned.

It’s a messy saga that’s been documented pretty much on every corner of the internet first hitting a high note when the two jumped on one others remixes for “Turn Up the Music” and the sexually charged “Birthday Cake” earlier this year. It continued all through 2012 after Chris broke up with girlfriend Karrueche Tran after being routinely spotted with Rihanna, and created a video articulating how his heart was torn between two women.

Just recently Rihanna (dressed as a weed princess) gave Chris (dressed as a classy Taliban stereotype) “dirty and amazing lap dances” at her Halloween party at Greystone Manor last week. It's like a bad car crash—you just can't help not looking.

Or in this case, listening. There’s no info on its sound; whether it’s a dark ballad or a dance floor filler. We’ll all have to wait until the album drops on November 19 before we can decide just how uncomfortable it makes everyone. Otherwise, Unapologetic features other less controversial features, such as Eminem on a presumable single called “Numb” (they’re song “Love The Way You Lie” sold over 5 million copies and was the rapper’s best-selling single of all time), along with appearances by Future and Mikky Ekko.