Rihanna To Earn $500,000 for New Years Eve Performance

November 25, 2009 By:
Rihanna To Earn $500,000 for New Years Eve Performance

Rihanna's career is on fire right now. In fact, she's so popular, she was offered half a million dollars to perform on New Years Eve!

The 'Russian Roulette' singer was offered $500,000 to perform at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

A source told the New York Post newspaper: "She was supposed to perform back in May but she cancelled in the aftermath of the assault. This is a make-up date."

While half a million seems like its a lot for us regular folks, its chump change compared to what some other stars have gotten in the past.

Back in 2006, George Michael was paid $2.6 million to perform 13 songs at a party for Russian billionaire Vladimir Potanin.

Amy Winehouse was paid $1.6 million to perform for Daria 'Dasha' Zhukova, the girlfriend of Chelsea Football Club owner, billionaire Roman Abramovich.

The Rolling Stones were paid around $7.3 million for playing at the 60th birthday bash of billionaire David Bonderman.

So maybe Rihanna should have sent her people in to renegotiate her fee after she canceled. Half a million for Abu Dhabi is like a latté for us Americans.