Rihanna Features Chris Brown on Cover of New Single‬

January 17, 2013 By:
Rihanna Features Chris Brown on Cover of New Single‬


Another provocative photo of Rihanna and shockingly enough it's not one uploaded to her Instagram. It show up on the cover of her next single "Stay."

In the image uploaded to her Twitter, the image shows Rihanna nuzzling her face into and hugging another man. A man with tattoos on his neck. A man with the same tattoos on his neck.

Do they look familiar?

That's because it's the notorious ink that belongs to her past boyfriend and abuser Chris Brown.

Not only does this pretty much corroborate the suspicion that this ballad from Unapologetic was about Chris, but hints at taking their professional business to the next level—from a faceless song together, the Michael Jackson-sampling song "Nobodies Business," to a televised performance together.

There were already rumors out there that the two would publicly reunite with a staging during the Grammy Awards next month and this single cover only adds fuel to that fire. Anyone who has been following RiRi's live performances can tell you she has a soft spot for "Stay" lately, cutting her teeth into it often ever since she premiered the torch song on "SNL" last year.

After just performing her dance smash "We Found Love" at the Grammy Awards last year, she's probably yearning to show a softer side this time around and to further shake it up, invite former (current?) flame Chris Brown onstage to fill in for the male solo on the duet.