Rihanna Featuring Jay Z: "Talk that Talk" Single

January 11, 2012 By:
Rihanna Featuring Jay Z:

Rihanna is a bad ass and wants you to know it. Debuting the artwork for her new single "Talk That Talk," an angry Rihanna poses in the black-and-white image crouching against a wall and scowling. Why so mad, Rihanna? You're basically the new Beyonce, stop acting so put out.

"#TALKthatTALK love u guys! Been missin u," Rihanna wrote on Twitter before posting the single's artwork for the Jay-Z assisted track.

Also, did she really just say "been missin u" to her twitter followers? What, are they not re-tweeting her enough? Did Katy Perry stop tweeting at her?

If you haven't heard "Talk That Talk" yet, it's a swagger track that features the vocal stylings of Rihanna's Roc Nation boss and new proud papa, Jay-Z.

It's basically a Jay-Z rap and Rihanna lends her voice to the chorus and maybe one verse, but hey, I'm not complaining.

"Talk That Talk" is produced by Stargate, who also worked on Rihanna's other hits "Only Girl (In The World)" and "What's My Name?" and the song has that same lazy vibe and really showcases Rihanna's Barbados growl.

Rihanna's previous two new singles "We Found Love" and "You Da One" came in at No. 2 and 22 on last week's Billboard Hot 100 chart, with "We Found Love" spending eight weeks in the number one spot.

Will Rihanna find Number 1 success with this new single, or are people getting sick of Rihanna and her yearly albums and constant singles? Also, the last time Jay-Z appeared on a Rihanna track was in her No. 1 smash hit "Umbrella" in 2007, so does Jay-Z have the golden touch this time around?