Rihanna is Most Viewed Female Artist on YouTube

January 24, 2012 By:
Rihanna is Most Viewed Female Artist on YouTube

Rihanna has surpassed Lady Gaga as the most viewed female artist on YouTube.

How many of those “views” are actually just repeat viewings by 13-year-old boys watching the PG version of “S&M” over and over because they have strict parental controls on their computers? Probably a good million views, at least.

As of Monday, Rihanna boasted 2,068,076,591 video views on all her official YouTube views. However, Gaga has only 2,044,728,691 views. Now, I'm now mathematician, but Rihanna has about 23 million more viewers than Gaga.

Rihanna has 115.3 million views for the “We Found Love” video alone, which is more than Gaga gained for both “You and I” (49.4 million views) and “Marry the Night” (31.3 million) combined. In Gaga's defense, “Marry The Night” is just too damn long. Someone told me it was a 10-minute video and I didn't even bother letting it load.

Gaga's recent singles have dwindling view counts, especially since her one-time record holder “Bad Romance” has a total of 442 million views.

However, the reigning King of YouTube is still Justin Bieber, who has 2,275,845,406 YouTube views total, which is kind of ridiculous because every Justin Bieber video is exactly the same. If you've seen one, you've seen them all. Leather jacket? Check. Purple Hoodie? Check. Love interest who is visibly older than Justin Bieber? Check. Cameo from Usher? Check.