Rihanna Prepares For Comeback Show In Dubai

April 15, 2009 By:
Rihanna Prepares For Comeback Show In Dubai

Rihanna is ready to get back on stage. She’ll be performing at her first show since the incident in May. According to E! News, Rihanna will perform in Dubai on May 28th.

Spokesperson for Dubai tourism Mary Rachelle Cherpak says, “There will be over 25,000 tickets available. They will be going on sale in the next couple of days.”

The location is still undecided, but she says it will most likely be a designer outdoor venue. Cherpak says, “Normally they create a special stage in the desert for these events."

In related news, Rihanna is also reportedly back in the studio working on her new album in Santa Monica, CA. Meanwhile, sources tell the Daily Mirror that Chris Brown is “a mess.”

The source says, "Chris is a mess. He is in depression and almost got his butt kicked a week ago... But Rihanna seems determined to move on."

We’re glad she’s doing just that….moving on! Ticket and venue details to come…