Rihanna Releases "We Found Love" Single Early

September 22, 2011 By:
Rihanna Releases

Rihanna just dropped the first single off her upcoming, still-untitled sixth studio album. This new song “We Found Love” is what the DJ world calls a “club banger.”

This new song is super clubby. Super trance-y. Super euro pop-y. I’m partial to Rihanna’s bass heavy “S&M” and “Breaking Dishes” type tracks, but this song isn’t bad, it’s just such a “glow stick” song. If you find yourself frequenting raves, you will find this song playing there, I’m sure.

She wasn’t going to release the song until October, but after crazy demand (aka lots of tweets) she released this song this morning on facebook and the radio.

The song is the lead single off her album to be released November 21, which is only a year after she released her last album “Loud.” Rihanna has been releasing one album per year since she was 18. Whenever I remind myself that Rihanna is only 23, I feel generally unproductive.

Rihanna’s twitter account is super cryptic, so I never really know what she’s talking about but I think this tweet is about the new song, “…get the F outta class boo!!! U gotta new song to party to…Happy Birthday LOVER!!!!!”

Happy birthday? Whatever.

The track was produced by Scottish DJ/producer Calvin Harris, who is famous for his house music and electro-pop beats.

Calvin Harris tweeted, “Excited for people to hear the new @rihanna song, I can tell u she sounds like an #angel!”

Rihanna also tweeted a photo of the single’s cover art, which shows Rihanna wearing a denim jacket over baggy denim jeans and walking the streets with a toothpick in her mouth and a pompadour in her hair.

This song isn’t really like anything Rihanna has done before, though it’s most similar to her LOUD hit, “Only Girl (In the World). I liked Rihanna’s old dirty beatz better, this is just a little too “ungst ungst” for my liking. Rihanna’s voice sails over the dance track much like a Kylie Minogue song.

Also, the chorus is the same line repeated four times. “We found love in a hopeless place.”

The rest of the song Rihanna sings about falling in love, through the use of weird vague metaphors about doorways and shining lights.

“Shine a light through an open door/Love and life I will divide/Turn away ‘causes I need you more/Feel the heartbeat in my mind/It’s the way I’m feeling, I just can’t deny/But I’ve gotta let it go.”

Rihanna f/ Calvin Harris - We Found Love (Radio Rip) by headphonesupiii