Rihanna Blasts NFL for Pulling 'Run This Town'

September 16, 2014 By:
Rihanna Blasts NFL for Pulling 'Run This Town'
Image By: Michael Kovac

The NFL pulled a dirty one on Rihanna last week when they pulled "Run This Town," her collaborative track with Jay Z, from a new pregame show called 'Thursday Night Football" to be aired on CBS.

The reason for pulling it? The controversy surrounding Ray Rice and his domestic assault case, and it's linkage to Rihanna and her infamous incident with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

"Run This Town" was pulled from the introductory pregame segment, but was to be continued for use in the following weeks.

Rihanna took to Twitter to express her outrage:

According to AP, CBS has officially pulled the song from the segment for good. The network issued a statement saying that it was "moving in a new direction" with different theme music.