Rihanna Wants to Work With Mark Ronson

February 26, 2010 By:
Rihanna Wants to Work With Mark Ronson

Now that Rihanna has reemerged into the music scene, nothing is stopping her! The hitmaker is already thinking about her next album. And she’d love to work with producer Mark Ronson, brother of Samantha Ronson.

Rihanna spoke with the UK’s GMTV and said, “I still would love to work with Mark Ronson. We’ve been trying to work together for a while — but we’ll figure it out one day.”

Mark has worked with a lot of great artists, including Christina Aguilera, Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse. He always brings a little something special to each song, and we think he’d be fantastic teamed up with Rihanna! She agrees that her music style has changed since she first started singing professionally.

“It’s expanded my taste in music, only because now I like to try all types of different music styles,” she says. “I like rock `n’ roll, I love hip hop, and I love reggae, but I’m a pop artist also. But then there are ballads – you know, I just like to play with the different styles of music.”

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