Rihanna World Premiere's New Song

March 14, 2008 By:
Rihanna World Premiere's New Song

Ryan Seacrest got the opportunity to world premiere Rihanna's latest single, "Take A Bow" on his radio show.

Check out the lyrics from her latest ballad or to hear the song click here

Rihanna - “Take a Bow”

How about a round of applause

A standing ovation

You look so dumb right now

Standing outside my house

Trying to apologize

You’re so ugly when you cry

Please, just cut it out


Don’t tell me you’re sorry cuz you’re not

Baby when I know you’re only sorry you got caught

But you put on quite a show

You really had me going

But now it’s time to go

Curtain’s finally closing

That was quite a show

Very entertaining

But it’s over now

Go on and take a bow

Grab your clothes and get gone

You better hurry up before the sprinklers come on

Talkin’ about, girl, I love you, you’re the one

This just looks like the re-run

Please, what else is on