Rihanna's Music Video "We Found Love" Banned in France

November 21, 2011 By:
Rihanna's Music Video

Another Rihanna video gets banned again, this time in France. I thought the French were super disaffected and had an “anything goes” attitude, I mean, the European editions of Vogue are like all topless, and the beaches? C’mon, how do they ban Rihanna’s video for “We Found Love.”

Officials at the Supreme Audiovisual Council of France have decided that the video promotes “self-destructive” behavior and that the video contains scenes of “pronounced suggestive” content. Lol, what is “pronounced suggestive?” Is that like suggestive to the point of being blatant, but not quite?

Anyways, France has deemed that the video is too explicit to be shown on daytime television and can only be viewed after 10pm. Because that’s when little kids go to bed, probably.

The video is racy, I guess. I must be super desensitized or something, but this is what I think the French have a problem with. In one scene Rihanna wears a see-thru top and gives a lap dance. She also takes prescription drugs, recreationally. She gets in a fight with her love interest and it gets physical. Oh and then she get’s slapped on the bottom, and when that happens to an adult, it’s “pronounced suggestive.”

However, Rihanna should be used to this reaction to her videos by now. Her video for “S&M” was deemed too racy for television and was banned in 10 different countries. However, her video wasn’t banned in the US, because as long as True Blood is on television, you cannot say that Rihanna is ever being “too sexy.”

Hopefully this news of the ban on “We Found Love” will only further create buzz for her new album, “Talk That Talk” which coincidentally is out today. Hey, that’s a weird coincidence.

Also, the “We Found Love” video has been fueled with controversy from the start. While she was filming a scene in an Irish field, the farmer who owned the field asked them to leave because he found her bikini top to be “inappropriate behavior.”

Gosh, what’s a girl gotta do to smoke some cigarettes and get spanked in a music video?

However, Rihanna doesn’t seem to be upset over the news. She’s been tweeting up a storm all morning since her album released. Well, she’s been copying and pasting the same phrase to fans all day, “Talk That Talk to me Rihanna Navy! My album is in stores today!”

Check out the video below and let us know if you agree...should it be banned?