Rihanna's New Album Helped Her Get Over Chris Brown

November 5, 2009 By:
Rihanna's New Album Helped Her Get Over Chris Brown

It's officially Rihanna week here at Hollyscoop--and across the globe. Rihanna has been making headlines since she was attacked by her ex boyfriend Chris Brown back in February and after nine months she's finally speaking out about the attack.

Rihanna admits that going back to the studio to work on her new album is what helped her "recover" from heartache. And one track in particular, Photographs helped her the most.

Rihanna said of the song: "It's called 'Photographs'. It's about a break-up, and the only thing you have to show for the relationship is some pictures... making this album was my recovery. It's the way I vented and expressed myself."

Rihanna also added that she avoided talking to people or going out for a month after the assault, but finally decided she wanted to go back into the studio after a night out at a club.

She explained to MSNBC: "The minute I decided to leave the house again, I called up Roc Nation executive Jay Brown and said: 'I want to do music, I want to go back in the studio' and we just did that. We started collecting songs and sounds and putting producers together, figuring out who we want to work with to develop new sounds."

Rihanna still has another interview with 20/20 on Friday and her new album 'Rated R' is set to be released later this month so expect to hear and see a lot more of her in the upcoming weeks!