Rihanna's Performance at the 2012 Brit Awards

February 22, 2012 By:
Rihanna's Performance at the 2012 Brit Awards

The Rihanna/Chris Brown fiasco is only fueling Rihanna’s career as Rihanna delivered a show-stopping performance at the 2012 Brit Awards in London last night.

The Brit awards are a show to honor British people in music. So naturally Rihanna was invited, because that makes sense. Actually, maybe that’s why she died her hair blonde? So people would confuse her for Adele? Eh. Nope.

The popstar performed her hit single, “We Found Love” and while I’ve always thought that Rihanna was a boring performer, she’s gotten way less boring lately. Maybe it’s because she had like 50 dancers on stage to distract us, either way, it was a cool set.

Rihanna and dancers began the song inside a glass box, Rihanna wore a torn white thermal shirt and Timberland shoes, as Rihanna is the only popstar who could possibly make “homeless” look hot.

Rihanna and dancers begin throwing paint everywhere, like some kind of paint party, and once the beat drops in, Rihanna busts out of the glass box and marches down the catwalk stage. So much drama!

Rihanna was joined by her army of dancers and she actually sings live and dances at the same time. Like I said, I’m super impressed with Rihanna now, I mean, there was a time when she could barely sing and give a lap dance at the same time.

Somewhat addressing the Chris Brown rumors, Rihanna announced backstage after the performance, “Thanks to all my fans who continue to support me no matter what.”

She also tweeted, “I thoroughly enjoyed the Brits tonight!!!! Thank you #uKnavy.”

Rihanna also took home the award for International Female Solo Artist.