Sean Kingston Helping to Write Rihanna's Next Album

August 5, 2009 By:
Sean Kingston Helping to Write Rihanna's Next Album

Sean Kingston has found a new shortie to work with! He’ll reportedly be collaborating on Rihanna’s next album!

According to hip-hop website, Kingston has been writing for RiRi, hoping to turn it into her next hit.

Sean tells, “Me and my producer Yankee, we cooking up some stuff. Her people said we want some stuff for Rihanna ’cause I’m from Jamaica. I got the island feel, so I’m writing some stuff right now for her new album.”

Sean says keeping that island feel in your music is very important to him. He says, “You know what I like about her? She’s never changed. Even when her music changed, she always represented for the Caribbean, always represented for Barbados, and that’s what Sean Kingston does.

"He represents for Jamaica. Anything I do, I always put Jamaica in there. You can’t leave where you’re coming from and I like that about her.”

“Every time we see each other, we talk in our accent. She’s funny. She’s dope. I like her.”

We can’t wait to hear what these two island hitmakers have in store for us!