Watch Most Buzzed Music Video of the Week: "Diamonds" by Rihanna

November 9, 2012 By:
Watch Most Buzzed Music Video of the Week:

Rihanna premiered the music video for her latest song “Diamonds” last night and it’s all about being “a vision of ecstasy,” or so the lyrics persuade.

Because it wouldn’t be a RiRi video these days without a never-so-subtle nod to cannabis (she has called her seventh disc Unapologetic, out in less than two weeks, to be “a stoner’s album” in a recent MTV interview), the clip opens as mash-up PSA for Elizabeth Taylor and legalizing weed with the pop star rolling a joint of platinum white diamonds.

The song hasn’t even started yet and the Bajan is already toking up a clever little visual pun about getting stoned on sparkly stones, natch.

The rest of the video has no real narrative thread—a lazy kaleidoscope of galloping horses, back floats in an ocean, an Occupy Wall Street-like riot, ominous car headlights, an aurora borealis, look, some dude on fire!—but you can’t totally knock it since these are most likely consequences of being hella blaze. Just go with it.

As expected, the singer looks gorgeous as ever and is most captivating when basking in black-and-white, all of which reel you into the hypnotic track…until raising eyebrows with those quick cutaways to Rihanna’s tatted fingers gripping onto to dear life to the tatted arm of another dude with ink eerily similar to her “Nobodies Business” boyfriend (???!?!!??) Chris Brown.

The Sia-penned single currently sits at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100, but should get a nice promotional push following this video’s release and her performance on “Saturday Night Live” tomorrow night.