Rising Star to Watch: Jared Lee

February 22, 2012 By:
Rising Star to Watch: Jared Lee

Jared Lee is blowing up. The singer-songwriter made a name for himself when American Idol featured two of his original songs, “It’s Over (Goodbye)” and “Beautiful World” during Season 10 of American Idol.

His radio-ready singles have obviously struck a chord with American Idol producers, and the hit competition show used his cover of “Hooray for Hollywood” during last week’s episode.

Jared’s sound reminds me of a cross between Gavin Degraw, The Fray, and Jason Mraz. He’s even opened for artists TRAIN, Gavin Degraw, and Brian McKnight.

If you’re one of those people who love to say, “I listened to [insert artists name] before they were popular” then you better jump on the Jared Lee bandwagon asap, because this singer is on the rise.

Clear Channel Radio named Jared as an “Artist To Watch” on over 71 US Top40 radio stations.

Jared just launched his official music video for “It’s Over (Goodbye)” which features “Make It Or Break It” actress Cassie Scerbo. In the video, Jared re-tells the story of a break-up that led him to his dream girl.
His album “Falling Through Holes” is available now on iTunes. Expect to hear more from this rising star in 2012.