Robin Thicke Debuts Music Video for "Pretty Lil' Heart" with Lil Wayne

March 5, 2012 By:
Robin Thicke Debuts Music Video for

When I think of Robin Thicke music, I generally don’t equate him with Lil Wayne, but I’m always down for a collaboration.

Robin Thicke released the music video for his second single, “Pretty Lil’ Heart,” off his album, Love After War and in a unique collaboration, Lil Wayne is featured on the track.

Robin Thicke plays a James Dean type of character in the video and uhmmm…sorry, he just took off his shirt, okay I’ve composed myself.

The video opens with a few rhymes from Lil Wayne. Wayne wears some weird rose colored stunna shades, and surprisingly his chaotic and grizzly rap style leads perfectly into Robin’s crooning opener.

Wayne doesn’t make another appearance, which is fine by me, it’s a very complete video with or without the Wayne cameo. Robin Thicke reenacts a famous scene from “Rebel Without A Cause,” plays the piano in a darkly lit jazz bar, and hooks up with a handful of sexy ladies.

“I’m a big movie fan, especially of old movies,” Thicke revealed in a behind-the-scenes video, “So I really wanted to embody a little bit of that old cinematic charm, the golden age of Hollywood, and try to capture a little bit of that and put it into some soul music.”

It is soul music indeed, in that Robin Thicke way of making everything sound perfect and you can’t explain why you’ve just listened to the same song for the last 45 minutes but you don’t want to turn it off kind of way? You know what I mean?

Thicke explains the inspiration behind the song, “It’s really just about when you’re in a relationship and you’re faced with all the challenges of temptation and attraction to other people, how can you trust when you’re not with that other person they’re doing you right?”