Robin Thicke Has "Lot Of Sex"

November 29, 2011 By:

Get ready for 400 words of NSFW. Robin Thicke talks about having lots and lots of sex! I already feel like a low-key predator writing this, let’s just get it over with.

Robin Thicke is a busy signer. His wife, Paula Patton, is a busy actress. They have a 1-and-a-half-year-old son and I hear that babies are kind of a “time suck.” Kidding, I love babies, or whatever. So when Hollyscoop asked Robin Thicke how he manages to handle his hectic lifestyle, instead of responding normally and saying it’s all about balance, he simply responds, “lots of sex.”

Yep, lots of sex will make the world go round. According to Robin Thicke.

“Lots of Sex,” says Thicke, “it’s the only way to keep everything on par. You know my wife is an actress and a mother and a wife and I’m a husband and a father and a singer so we haven’t seen each other a lot the last couple weeks and we wont see each other until Christmas very much so it’s very difficult but I think the only thing that gets us by is the fact that we have great sex together.”

So how much sexytime are we talking about here, Mr. Thicke?

“Not enough,” says the singer, “There’s never enough. It’s never enough, I mean when it does happen it goes on for hours. There’s a lot of making up to do.”

TMI, just TMI! Though he says they ain’t trying for another baby, “No I think anybody who has two babies, god bless you it’s not something we’re planning on doing,” admits Robin.

And just when you thought you got Robin Thicke out of the bedroom, he heads right back in, “Let me tell you,” he says, “when your beautiful wife comes home and she has the body of an angel…I couldn’t be happier with my life…”

Alright moving on, Robin Thicke’s new album “Love After War” comes out December 6th. The lead single off the album of the same name just released it’s music video which features Thicke’s wife playing his love interest in the film, while the two romp around a bed and make googly eyes at each other. This is not a surprise to anyone after reading this story.

He says the entire album was inspired by his wife, “My lady and I just had a baby so we have a one and a half year old child and once you see what a woman has to go through to have a baby you really learn what real compassion and understanding and patience is all about…That is absolutely what inspired the whole album.”

Thicke also announced an exclusive underplay tour in select cities in advance of the album tour. The tour will travel to intimate venues in cities such as New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Full tour routing can be found below and tickets are available at

11/30/2011 Washington, DC 930 Club

12/7/2011 Atlanta, GA The Loft

12/9/2011 New York, NY Highline Ballroom

12/10/2011 Philadelphia, PA World Cafe Live

12/12/2011 Chicago, IL The Mid

12/16/2011 West Hollywood, CA Key Club