Robin Thicke "Love After War" Music Video

November 22, 2011 By:
Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke just released his steamy new video for “Love After War” which stars his sexy real-life wife Paula Patton. This Hype Williams directed video is Thicke’s take on “let’s just kiss and make up.”

The video opens as if it’s a vintage French film with text on screen in French that reads, “This is a very serious film starring the American pop star Robin Thicke and the stunning young starlet Paula Patton.”

The text continues: “Albert Einstein once said, ‘Imagination is much more important than knowledge.’ Imagine with us now, what it’s like to make, Love After War.”

Thicke starts in with his soulful R&B crooning while he and Patton romp around a bed while Patton wears a blonde wig and sunglasses the whole video. This ridiculously attractive couple is obviously on the wrong side of a lovers quarrel, but keeps it sexy the whole time. Most of the video is close of shots of Patton looking pretty while Thicke sings and looks awesome wearing sunglasses indoor.

At one point, Patton finally ditches the silly blonde wig, but I was so distracted by the fact that Robin Thick is ALL THE WAY shirtless in this scene,  that I didn’t even realize Patton was in the shot. Sorry, girl, but it’s your fault you married such a hot man.

In case you don’t know who Paula Patton is, she’s an actress who recently starred in flicks like “Jumping The Broom” and “Just Wright” where she starred opposite Queen Latifah and Common.

Thicke talked to USA Today at this weekends American Music Awards and proved that he gives a little too much information during interviews.

He says that because he and his wife work so much that they barely have time for each other, so thankfully, they just have a lot of sex whenever they can. This is just the normal stuff that Robin Thicke talks about on red carpets.

“My wife is an actress, a mother, and a wife and I am a husband, a father and a singer so we haven’t seen each other a lot the past couple of weeks. We wont see each other a lot until Christmas and it’s very difficult, but the only thing that gets us by is having great sex together. There is never enough. When it does happen, it goes on for hours,” says Thicke.

Alright gonna stop you right there, Mr. Thicke, as much as I love hearing about your fabulous sex life (actually I don’t, it’s a little bit weird), let’s talk about something else, like music!

Thicke’s second single of his entire “Love After War” album is the song “Pretty Lil’ Heart” which features Lil Wayne. If you think that’s a strange collaboration, you would be wrong. The two have teamed up twice in the past on the songs “Shooters” by Thicke and also Wayne’s song, “Tie My Hands.”