The Rolling Stones Named Most Expensive Wedding Singers

August 24, 2009 By:
The Rolling Stones Named Most Expensive Wedding Singers

If you're planning a lavish wedding and have a lot of extra money to spend, how about hiring The Rolling Stones to sing for you and your guests?

The Rolling Stones have been named the most expensive wedding singers, charging up to £5 million to perform for a few hours.

The only problem is they refuse to perform at private shows unless they are already on tour, so if you can get the Stones to perform on your special day, here are some other options for you:

The world’s 12 most expensive wedding performers, according to Living TV:

1. The Rolling Stones (up to £5 million)

2. Sir Elton John (up to £2 million)

3. Kylie Minogue (up to £2 million)

4. Christina Aguilera (up to £1.5 million)

5. George Michael (£1.3 million)

6. Amy Winehouse (£1 million)

7. Sir Paul McCartney (£1 million)

8. Leona Lewis (£1 million)

9. Jennifer Lopez (£1 million)

10. Barry Manilow (£750,000)

11. Rod Stewart (£600,000)

12. Duran Duran (£500,000)

While most of the performs pocket the earnings, Elton John donates all of it to his charity, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, so we recommend him over anyone else. Go Elton!