Have You Heard Ryan Gosling's Super Creepy Band?

May 1, 2014 By:
Have You Heard Ryan Gosling's Super Creepy Band?

Everyone knows who Ryan Gosling is. He's that dreamy Hollywood actor who has people from Beirut to Biloxi swooning in ecstasy. But did you know Gosling also makes music? It's true! When he's not portraying a modern-day James Dean in dark and brooding films, Gosling is kicking around LA crafting spooky Halloween-themed songs with his buddy Zach Fields.

The group is called Dead Man's Bones. It was born out of a mutual fascination with horror and sci-fi that blossomed into an album full of playful, eerie tracks about zombies, werewolves and ghosts. When making the album, the duo set up a number of rules. Namely they wouldn't have any electric guitars, they would play all the instruments, including several neither had ever played before. 



The band's tracks have appeared in the horror film The Conjuring as well as MTV's "Teen Wolf," lending their spooky tracks to spooky productions. Although it's uncertain if they'll be making any more music, the group's single album is worth a listen for any true Gosling fan. The group employed piano, synth, various percussion, guitars and a local youth choir to make this tongue-in-cheek send up to All Hallow's Eve. Fans of Lou Reed, David Bowie or a less dance-y Arcade Fire should find something to enjoy here.

Check 'em out live: