Sam Smith Makes Lady Gaga Cry

September 23, 2014 By:
Sam Smith Makes Lady Gaga Cry
Image By: Getty Images / Andrew H. Walker

Sam Smith is great at making his fans cry, but in the best way possible. His music is so beautiful and somber that we all can't help but cry when we sing along to it.

His next victim? Lady Gaga.

What the hell could he have said in the email?

"I wrote her an email basically just saying, 'I remember being a 17-year-old, queuing up for your concert, dreaming up doing this and being in the music industry' … The thing I admire most about [her] was the hustle and what she did to get into the industry," Sam said in an interview with AMP Radio Boston. "I just ran with it, saying 'Thank you so much for inspiring me to do this because the reason why I'm here now is partly because of you.'"