Sam Smith Comes Out of the Closet to Boost Album Sales

May 27, 2014 By:
Sam Smith Comes Out of the Closet to Boost Album Sales

Sam Smith released his new music video for "Leave Your Lover" and everyone is freaking out because the singer basically comes out to the world as a gay man. The reason it's a big deal to us is that we literally had no idea. The thought hadn't even crossed our minds that Smith might be gay. Other than the surprise factor, it makes no difference to us who he lovesguy or gal. 

Now that we know, we feel pretty silly for not realizing it earlier. There were some serious hints before. Apparently his old Twitter account, which has since been deleted, was littered with references to his sexuality including these old photos of Smith looking much more feminine than we're used to seeing him. 


Plus this shot of a man in Smith's bed from his "Stay With Me" video. We clearly missed that the first time around.


So, did his management try to hide his sexuality in order to ensure his big break would be even bigger? Unfortunately, it is probable. Okay, maybe they didn't completely hide it, but they definitely toned it down for two reasons:

1) So Smith would be "easily digestible" for the mainstream audience. 

2) To boost album sales by shocking the world just days before his LP, In the Lonely Hour, was released in the UK and just weeks before its release in the US. Sort of the same way Frank Ocean came out in a love letter via Tumblr right before his debut album dropped. 

Either way, it worked and we can't hate the hustle. Check out the "Leave Your Lover" video below and let us know what you think.