Sammy Adams Dishes On Collaboration With Enrique Iglesias

September 7, 2012 By:

The Boston rapper knows how to party.

Just take a glance at the title of his songbook and you’ll get the idea pretty quick: “Driving Me Crazy,” “Blow Up,” “All Night Longer,” and “I Hate College.”

Stereotude caught up with Sammy on the red carpet of the VMAs yesterday where he talked about his latest collaboration with Enrique Iglesias, calling him an “amazing, amazing guy, super down to earth, incredible working with a legend of his proportion.”

The track, “Finally Found You,” was penned two months ago by the duo and Sammy calls it “a song that reminds [Enrique] of himself being a kid." Aw, cute!

“[It's a] record that makes you dance, and at the same time makes you feel special, both as a girl and as a guy,” he adds, “[it was] a miracle project to work on.”
As for future miracle projects in the works, Sammy tells Stereotude he’d love to lay down tracks with Taylor Swift. “That’s my girl,” he says with a shy smile.
He also name-dropped Big Sean, Kanye West, and Rihanna to his future dream team.

New to the red carpet scene, Sammy found it “really cool [and] sort of overwhelming” to be at the VMAs, but “at the same time, super fun seeing people you’ve looked up to your whole life just sort of walking by, saying hi, it’s a dream come true.”
A humble rapper? This is…shocking news.